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Live Oop North is an ever updating photographic review of live events, music, show, festivals, performances, exhibitions, etc, that take place in the north of England.
Currently all the photographs on the site are the work of one photographer, Tom Holmes,
who has been photographing events are the north of England for the past few years.
This site is his brainchild and is an attempt to display what exciting, innovative and just downright fun events that take place in this part of the world.

You may have noticed this site has very little text
(in fact this page is quite possibly the most words you have read since you came here)
and that is because we want the photographs to do the talking.
We could wax lyrical about these events but why, when we can just show you!

We aim to capture the atmosphere Like our page on Facebookof any event we attend,
we don’t just turn up and snap away for 5 minutes and then vanish.
We are there for a good time ourselves and want to see all that is on offer,
and in turn show everyone via this site.

So why not get comfy and take a look around, you might just find something of interest.

*Please note* All images on this site are copyright of the photographer who took them
and must not be used without prior permission.
Use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this page to find out me.